Hello, my name is Victor Holk and I've been writing songs since I was eleven years old.
It started humbly enough, making up tunes while playing in the back yard. When I was a teenager learning how to play power chords I wrote songs in bands with other guys learning to play power chords. We had a lot of fun in those days, but as time takes it's toll, we went our separate ways.

After a while I continued writing songs and decided to share them with people. If you're reading this now, then hopefully you are one of those whom with I am lucky enough to do so.
Along the way, I've been fortunate enough to share my songs with great people and do some really cool things. It sort of began when I found Kent Finlay's Songwriters Circle at Cheatham Street Warehouse. I learned a lot about the art of songwriting from Kent who once praised my songs as "good, they're weird, but they're good." In 2009 I got to represent my Alma Matter, Texas State University, at the Kerrville Folk Festival. The next year I was approached by some friends to make a record, and the E.P "There's No There" was born. We recorded the album live, and, though it's a bit rough, I still love the intensity captured over those two days. A year later, the Honors College at TSU allowed and assisted me in making a record celebrating the power of songs in political discourse. It was dope, I got an A for recording some of my favorite protest songs. Talk about stickin' it t the man!

Lately, I've been hanging around, making up songs and doing a bit of traveling. Life is short, and we are here to live it. I've got a few new songs that need a home and soon I'll be going into the studio with more friends for another EP.

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